Financial Aid

Gavilan College participates in several types of financial aid programs which are funded through federal, state and local agencies. The Financial Aid Office at Gavilan College administers the following financial aid programs, which include:   

  • Grants: These awards are based on financial need and do not require repayment.
  • Tuition Waivers: Such awards provide eligible students with a waiver for tuition and certain fees. The California Promise (formerly: Board of Governors Tuition Waiver ("BOG")) is available to California residents, AB 540 students, and AB 1899 students who meet financial criteria, and demonstrate financial need. The Gavilan Promise is available to fulltime, new-to-college students who have graduated from a California high school.
  • Employment: This type of award is based on financial need and provides the student with an opportunity to earn money for school through employment. Awards through the Federal Work Study Program are limited so apply early.
  • Scholarships: Various community groups and organizations offer these awards based on academic achievement and/or financial need. Current scholarships are posted online at: 
  • Loans: Such awards must be repaid after the student leaves school or drops below half-time enrollment. Information on interest rates may be found at our website:

Financial Aid Application Process, Dates, and Tips   

File one of the following applications based on your citizenship status: 

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): The FAFSA may be filed online at
  • Gavilan College School Code: 001202
  • California Dream Application: AB 540 students are eligible to apply for the California College Promise award and Cal Grants by submitting application online at:

Include Gavilan College school code of 001202 to ensure Gavilan College receives copy of your processed application. California residents who file FAFSA and Dream Applications are considered for free-tuition programs like Gavilan Promise and California College Promise program. 

If you need assistance with the application process, visit the Gavilan College Financial Aid Office in Student Center 125. You may also call 408-848-4727 or 408-852-2812. Additional assistance for online applicants is offered at the Welcome Center in Student Center 107A.


Applications cycles open each October 1, with priority filing deadline of March 2nd to be considered for Cal Grant.  Applications are accepted after March 2nd and through June 30th of each award year.  For application assistance, visit the Welcome Center.

We will communicate with students via email on receipt of application and to communicate any document requirements. You may submit tax information and other verification forms via Verify My FAFSA and will be provided instructions on the process for document submission.  Delays in application and/or document submission will be considered for late disbursement.


Check the Financial Aid website for “Dates and Deadlines” at
Students should apply beginning in January for the following Fall semester. Priority for aid will be given to students who apply early. A complete application and all corresponding documentation must be received by Financial Aid Office. If you apply late or complete submit documents after semester document deadlines, you will be considered for late disbursement. 


Federal regulations require financial aid students to have a high school diploma, general educational development certificate (GED), or California High School Proficiency (CHSPE) in order to qualify for Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Work Study, Federal Student Loans, and Cal Grants.

California College Promise (formerly called BOG Fee Waiver)

ACADEMIC PROGRESS: Eligibility regulations, in effect since fall 2016, require all California community college students to meet minimum academic and progress standards and maintain eligibility for the CCPG (SB 1456 Student Success Act of 2012), which include: 

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (Academic Standard)
  • Successfully complete more than 50% of all units attempted (Progress Standard)

If you are placed on academic and/or progress probation for two consecutive primary terms (fall or spring semester), you will lose CCPG eligibility and priority enrollment. For more information on this regulation and the conditions by which you may appeal, please contact Financial Aid at 408-848-4727. Students are encouraged to utilize the numerous support services on campus to help them regain good academic standing.

PROBATION: Community colleges are required to place students on probation, who after attempting at least 12 semester units, either have grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 or receive a "Withdrawal," "Incomplete," or "No Pass" mark on 50% or more of total attempted units. Students who are placed on academic probation for two consecutive semesters lose their priority registration status and eligibility for the California Promise.

ACADEMIC STANDARD:  If your cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 for two consecutive primary semesters (fall/spring semesters), you may lose eligibility for BOG. Grades which significantly decrease GPA include grades of F (Failing) and D (Passing, Less than Satisfactory).

PROGRESS STANDARD: COMPLETE MORE THAN 50% of COURSEWORK: Receiving "Withdrawal," "Incomplete," or "No Pass" marks on 50% or more of total attempted units may result in loss of BOG eligibility. Any combination over two consecutive fall/spring semesters, of cumulative GPA below 2.0 and/or cumulative course completion less than 51% may result in loss of BOG as well.

NOTIFICATION OF  INELIGIBILITY: Gavilan College will notify affected students within 30 days of the end of each term if you placed on either academic (GPA) probation and/or progress (unit completion) probation. Notifications will include information that a second term of probation will result in loss of BOG eligibility. After the second consecutive term of probation, you may lose BOG award at your next registration opportunity.


  1. Improve your GPA and/or course completion
  2. Successfully appeal regarding extenuating circumstances
  3. Not attending Gavilan College for two consecutive fall/spring semesters

APPEALS PROCESS: for extenuating circumstances only, such as

  • Verified accidents, illness or other circumstances beyond your control 
  • Changes in financial situation
  • Evidence of inability to obtain essential support services
  • Special consideration factors for CalWORKs, EOPS, AEC and veteran students
  • Disability accommodations not received in timely manner

EXEMPTIONS: Foster youth and former foster youth (age 24 years and younger) are not subject to loss of California Promise Grant under these regulations.

Satisfactory Academic Progress  (SAP) Policy

Students who file FAFSA and Dream Application are required to demonstrate academic progress.
The complete SAP Policy is available online at

Veterans Affairs Education Benefit

Veterans enrolled at Gavilan College may be eligible for educational benefits under the Veterans Administration Educational Benefits Program. Depending on VA chapter, some benefits include a monthly housing allowance. Most, but not all, courses at Gavilan College are approved for payment of VA benefits.

Interested veterans and/ or eligible dependents are urged to contact the VA Certifying Official at 408-848-4734 or by visiting the Financial Aid Office in Student Center 125, in the Administration building.

  • REGISTRATION PRIORITY: The earliest period for course enrollment is offered each semester to any member or former member of U.S. armed forces who is within four years of leaving active duty. For more information, consult with VA Certifying Official.
  • PRIOR CREDIT: Gavilan College recognizes credit and grants credit to veterans and reservists for service and training completed in armed forces. Gavilan College reports as credit for prior training only those prior units which are applicable to current Gavilan educational goal.
  • ACADEMIC PROGRESS: Federal regulations require that students receiving VA educational benefits (veterans, reservists, dependents) maintain academic progress. Veterans who earn grade point averages below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters at Gavilan College are placed on unsatisfactory progress status and benefits are suspended. To reinstate benefits, students must complete one semester with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.


Consumer Information

The Financial Aid website includes comprehensive information regarding disbursement schedules, Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and Ability to Benefit.