Student Services

Career Services

Career/Transfer Resource Center offers numerous resources to help in making career decisions, plan for college, obtain specialized training or enter an academic or vocational program at Gavilan College. Career-related services are available to currently enrolled students, prospective students, faculty, staff, and community members. The computerized career guidance program, EUREKA, aids in researching occupations, identifying which colleges offer specific majors, and investigating financial aid and scholarships. EUREKA (California Career Information System) contains information on hundreds of occupations, programs of study, financial aid, short-term training, colleges and universities, and scholarships.

Guidance classes: A number of assessment inventories are available through enrollment in GUID 1/PSYC 5 (Self-Assessment/Career Development) course.

Counseling Services

Gavilan College provides a staff of full-time professional counselors to assist students in meeting educational, career and life goals by offering guidance courses and workshops in career planning, study skills, general transfer requirements and other topics. Counselors also help students with Transfer Admissions Agreements (TAA’s), and ensuring that students meet their transfer goals in a timely manner. Career counseling is available to enable students to understand their values, interests, and skills and to research a variety of career options. The career planning process also assists students in learning to manage job/life transitions.

Four-year universities and Gavilan College ADT/A.A./A.S. degrees have many different requirements. Knowing which general education pattern to follow and selecting the correct courses can be accomplished through academic counseling.  Counselors help students develop an educational plan early in their college years so that transfer to a four-year university, the completion of a career certificate or degree, or the identification of an educational goal,  if a student is undecided, can be accomplished in a timely manner. With an educational plan, students are able to register and progress through their program with more independence. Periodic updates of the educational plan with a counselor will keep you on track for graduation. Appointments and drop-in services are available.

Counseling is available to students who are uncertain about their plans for the future, who are experiencing difficulty in making appropriate decisions, or who have any other personal or social problem which is interfering with their adjustment to college. Personal counseling is available on a short-term basis. Counseling is also available in the AEC,TRiO, MESA, Puente, Athletics, and EOPS/CalWORKs Departments. In addition, the counselors make appropriate referrals to various community agencies.

Students may seek assistance of any counselor by scheduling an appointment or by dropping in during the day (walk-in services). Students can schedule their own appointment by using the computer system in the Welcome Center lobby or online at  Many of the counselors are bilingual (Spanish/English).

Student-to-Student Mediation: Mediation services provide students with an opportunity to problem-solve together in a safe environment. Trained student media- tors will work with two or more students who are in conflict to reach mutually agreeable solutions. Mediation services are free and confidential. Students wishing to become mediators can register for Introduction to Conflict Resolution (Psychology 6). To obtain mediation services, contact the Counseling Department at 408-848-4723.


All students new to Gavilan College are required to complete the online Orientation, which is available 24/7 in your MyGav Student Portal. The Orientation provides the basic information and tools needed to get started at the college. The Orientation familiarizes students with Gavilan College, its programs and services, degree options, policies, career and academic program exploration, and much more! Whether you plan on transferring to a four-year university or are on a career path, there are important things to know before you begin your college career. Students who complete Orientation know how to complete their educational goal with more confidence and how to avoid making choices that delay their progress.

Completion of the Orientation process satisfies one of the three components required to qualify for Enrollment Priority (earlier registration dates). The components needed are: Placement, Orientation, and a Comprehensive Education Plan.  For more information, visit 


Educational Planning

It is strongly recommended that students complete the online orientation prior to meeting with a counselor. Prior to registration, counselors are available to meet with students to discuss English and Math course placement, course selection, and assist with the development of the educational plan. An educational plan is an important factor in promoting timely progress toward a student’s completion of certificate, degree, or transfer programs.

Students develop an educational plan with a counselor when they first enroll at Gavilan and then meet on a regular
basis with their counselor to update their plan and to review progress. Once the plan is created it is available online.
Counselors are available to meet with students throughout the year to discuss academic and personal concerns and to refer students to other types of needed assistance.

Health Services

Gavilan College Health Services fosters health and well-being by providing health education and information to additional services and programs in the community and on campus. Gavilan works in partnership with Discovery Counseling Center to provide mental health counseling. Extensive health services are not provided on campus, but access to doctors is available through WellVia to enrolled students who pay the health fee.  

  • WellVia - Access to Doctors: Gavilan College provides students assess to WellVia, a national network of board certified, state licensed doctors offering medical consultations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. WellVia doctors diagnose acute emergent medical conditions and prescribe medications when clinically appropriate. Students can speak to a doctor within minutes from anywhere, anytime - home - work - middle of the night - or while traveliing. The first consultation is free and additional consultations are available at $35 per consult. 
  • WellVia - Behavioral Health - Gavilan College provides students access to a behavioral health professional anytime, 365 days a year through the WellVia telehealth platform at $80 per behavioral healthcare consultation. Each Remote Behavioral Healthcare Consultation will include 45 minutes of pre-scheduled time with a psychologist, clinical social worker, marriage and family counselor or licensed professional counselor. Doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication via phone, online portal or mobile app.
  • Student Accident Insurance Policy: In addition to the services provided by the Student Health Center, your health fee includes accident insurance coverage for you while you are attending classes, or college-sponsored activities which are authorized and supervised. This is a secondary insurance, which means you must submit any claims to your private insurance before this policy applies.
  • Mental Health - Gavilan College can refer students for short-term therapeutic intervention through Discovery Counseling Center. See a counselor for a referral. The college also provides the online Kognito platform for mental health awareness and training, and an information kiosk from the National Association for Mental Health (NAMI) in the Student Center
  • Student Health 101 - the Student Health 101 online magazine is published monthly with health and nutrition tips and articles on wellness for the Gavilan College community. It is emailed monthly to students and included in the weekly news email What You Need to Know.

Gavilan College provides students access to a physical and/or behavioral health professional anytime, 365 days a year through the WellVia telehealth platform at $35 per consult for physical consultations and $80 per behavioral healthcare consultation. Each Remote Behavioral Healthcare Consultation will include 45 minutes of pre-scheduled time with a psychologist, clinical social worker, marriage and family counselor or licensed professional counselor. Doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication via phone, online portal or mobile app.

Transfer Services

The Career/Transfer Resource Center is designed to provide support services to students who are interested in transferring to a four-year college. Services include specific transfer information, information on university majors and graduation requirements, assistance with filling out applications, scheduled meetings with university representatives and applications for the CSU and UC systems (a limited number of private school applications are also available.) The center also provides a resource library of college catalogs and books, referrals to transfer counselors to assist with planning and CSU application fee waivers. An annual Transfer Day is held each fall with over 40 colleges and universities participating.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center provides application and enrollment assistance on a drop-in basis. Located in the Student Center, the Welcome Center is staffed by trained student assistants. Students can also get help using Self-Service Banner and applying for G Numbers.