President's Message


Welcome to Gavilan College

What a great time to be here!

This year, Gavilan College celebrates our 100th Anniversary of providing higher education to the communities we serve. Over the past hundred years, thousands of students have done what you are doing right now – starting down the path that will lead them to fulfilling careers, and lives of exploration and civic engagement.

Look around you in the community and you will see the police officers, nurses, mayors, doctors, teachers, social workers, business owners, accountants, artists, musicians, filmmakers, school administrators, computer programmers, and airplane mechanics who came before you. Many transferred to universities for bachelor’s degrees, and then masters degrees and doctorates. Many earned associate degrees or certificates and went into the workplace. Some have returned for retraining as their business’ needs changed, or to stay up-to-date on new technology.

You may be here straight out of high school, or after serving in the military, or returning to education after a period of employment. You may be balancing your education with family responsibilities. Whatever your situation, you are not alone, and Gavilan’s staff and faculty are here to welcome you and to help you succeed. If you are the first in your family to attend college, you will find many services here to guide you, and many staff members who had the same experience.

Thank you for making Gavilan College a part of your life’s journey, and for being a part of ours.


Kathleen A. Rose, Ed.D.
Superintendent / President